On the road -Hikes, Rivers, and Fudge

We started the day with a light breakfast, as we were going to have a hearty lunch at the Indian Gardens Café & Market in Oak Creek.IMG_0299.jpg

The restaurant is on the side of the 89A road, surrounded by breathtaking peaks, and neighborhoods that are actually in the woods.

The Vortex Jumper/Uncle


It’s a rustic-bohemian-looking restaurant, they grow most of their products in their IMG_2232.jpgbeautifully organized back garden. The food is delicious, natural, light, and organic. Nothing better for vegetarian/vegan tongues. Definitely, a ‘must-stop’ if you’re in the area.  And their hot chocolate was quite tasty, I’d say it’s the second best I’ve had.

After lunch, we headed for a short hike down the road. We ended up by the river, which happened to be in a neighborhood nearby.

I couldn’t resist the water calling me. Cristal clear and rather cold, but there is just IMG_2247.jpgsomething so refreshing about being in a river. Because of the weather, I didn’t think to bring a bathing suit, so my feet were the only ones that got to fully enjoy the icy water.  As I sat on a rock -my shoes conveniently on a small rock by the shore -, I could picture myself living here.  “I’ll be back in an hour or so, babe, I’m gonna go write by the river”, as I make my way down the stairs, across the road, and over some rocks. I store this wish for a future opportunity, I firmly believe that you attract what you want with positive energy and determination.

Our next hike was down by Grasshopper Point. We drove down to the parking lot and got on the trailhead. Amazingly enough, it led us back to the river. The current at this IMG_2264.jpglocation, though only a few miles down from where we were previously, was a lot stronger; but I still heard the water nymphs calling my name. I played in the water as much as I could, after you get past the numbing freezing feeling of having your feet in cold water, it’s easy to walk around and fully enjoy it.


We continued our hike in search of some boulders to climb. Unfortunately, there weren’t any, so we ended up climbing the rocky wall, back to the parking lot. I must admit that bouldering is rather addicting.

On our way back to the apartment, my favorite tour guide/uncle made a surprise stop. He took us to the Sedona Fudge Company. It’s a small store on the outdoors strip along IMG_2270.jpgthe road. Where people can walk around as they shop, eat, and drink. As soon as you enter the store, you’re embraced by the deliciously cozy smell of fudge, cookies, and magic. To the right of the store you can see where they make the fudge, the rest of the store is a display of their variety in chocolate. From dark, to milk, to white chocolate. Apart from their delicious variety, you get the warm and sweet welcome of Tudy, one of the owners -she shares the store with her daughter, I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting her -.

Tudy was sweet and very generous with the samples. She insisted on us trying before buying, and, honestly, why would anybody turn down free fudge?

My senses were over the top delighted, and my heartfelt welcomed and taken care of. I IMG_2271.jpgtook with me half a pound of fudge, both milk and dark chocolate. It’s deliciously chocolaty, and it feels chewy right before it melts in your mouth.

It’s definitely a must stop for chocolate lovers, or even if you’re just looking for some delicious treat. Also, locals get 10% off, so get your chocolate on!




On the road

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