Writer, Poet and Story Teller at Heart

Hola, Ciao, Hello!

Welcome to my page; it’s a space where I allow my mind to wonder.

I started this page with the idea of organizing my writings: thoughts, poems, rants, etc. Though I made it through different stages of the education system (I have a BA in Biological Sciences & Neuroscience, and an MA in Comparative Literature of Spanish and Italian), I just couldn’t deny my incurable passion for writing.

I was born in Ecuador, but my family’s roots go back to those of an Italian immigrant from Rome.  When I turned sixteen, my parents decided to come to the States; an opportunity that’s allowed me to explore my cultural backgrounds to a deeper level.

Hence, I am fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian—but I want to learn so many more languages. 


What can you expect to find here?

In a nutshell, I write about whatever comes to mind.

Inspiration resides in different sources, from a thought or emotion sparked by how the moonlight shimmers across the subtly rippled surface of a lake; to interviews, short stories, and essays; to the reality of self-discovery—a life-long journey, as I’m starting to realize.

Just here to share some thoughts and stories.

Welcome dear fellow readers, writers, Earth roamers, I hope you enjoy what you find!


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