Quick hike –a solo adventure: procrastination at its finest

I received an email from my professor yesterday afternoon, it was really sent in the morning, but I didn’t get to it until after we got back from our Bell Rock hike.

I had to work on a bio and blurb for my upcoming presentation in the Italy in Transit symposium at Florida Atlantic University –mini heart attack when I realize it’s this weekend –. I sat down at my favorite corner in the apartment, opened my laptop and stared at the screen –I also had some emails to answer –.

I didn’t know how to start either the bio or the blurb, I didn’t feel like going through the emails.

I felt the outside calling me. The sun was about to set. The afternoon was bright, open, and inviting. The sky was of an unbelievable blue. A beautiful contrast with the red rocks, ready to bid their goodbyes to the sun.

The crisp scenery outside did it for me. I closed my laptop, headed to the room and layered up. Brad was taking a nap –a perfect opportunity to head out on my own –.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending my time with him. There is something quite magical about sharing adventures and road trips with your lover. And sharing each other’s company in silence as we do our own thing –he edits his pictures, I let my fingers glide over my keyboard –.

By the same token, having some ‘me’ time in a relationship is equally as important as having some ‘us’ time.

Usually, I’ll monopolize the bathroom and have a ‘spa’ night. Where I treat and pamper myself. I like to make my own masks and exfoliating products. For me, nothing beats a coffee, honey, coconut oil, with lemon drops as an exfoliant. I should add that every skin type is unique, you should always find what works best for you.

I take long warm showers, I sing –not well, I might add –without a care in the world. Or I dedicate an hour to my workout sessions. I even like to have the kitchen to myself while I cook. I put on my headphones and sway to the music while I chop, cut, stir, mix, and prepare.

This time around, however, was a bit different. I put my sneakers on, grabbed my bottle of water, a headlamp, and my phone.

Off I went. Down the stair. Through the parking lot. Across the back street. Past the Red Agave lodge. Into the woods.

Who thought it’d be so easy to reach mother nature?!

I started my hike with a light jog, and 10 squats every time I stopped. I was headed to the Slim Shady trail. It’s a quick and brisk trail, with minor climbing along the way. I chose that one because it’s the one I’m most familiar with.

As I was making my way around the trail, I saw my first boulder – in other words, my first climbing opportunity –.

This boulder was off the trail, it seems imperative to mention that if you do decide to step off a trail, you should be very conscious of where you step. It’s sad to know that to many, a small plant, or the microbiota around, are insignificant forms of life.

I carefully made my way to the bottom part of the boulder, avoiding stepping on any small plant, or walking into a cactus –even if you just graze them, they will ‘graze’ you back –. I plotted my way up and climbed on to the top.

Once on the boulder, the view was breathtaking, I made my way to the southern part of

IMG_2196 2.jpg

where I was standing and found a little trinket. It was a small purple rock, just randomly there.

How long was it there?  I have no idea, but I did feel like it was there for me.

As I gawked around, a beautiful 360° view, I saw a bunch of cigarette buds on the edge of my boulder. IMG_2201 2.jpg

Is it too much work to bring a f*** bag to take your trash with you?! What part of people’s brains thinks it’s ok to do such a thing? Yes, fine, come smoke your nasty cigarette, or whatever your preference may be, while on the top of a mountain or boulder –where ever in nature–, but take your nasty trash with you. Cigarette buds included.

Nature is not an ashtray. Sadly enough, I didn’t have a bag with me, so I left them there.

As the sun kept setting, the change in the lighting was amazing. I was actually able to capture some of its beauty, I still don’t think they do it justice.


Bell Rock almost in complete shade




IMG_2200 2
Castle Rock in a light orb




IMG_2209 2
Castle Rock and good timing


After admiring the beauty surrounding me, I called my parents and we spoke for a while, as I made my way back to the apartment. With the sun gone, I had just enough time to make it back with light, I really didn’t want to walk back in the dark. I quickly headed back for a nice warm shower, and a delicious dinner. You wouldn’t think hiking works up an appetite, but as I am slowly finding out –I’m happy to say I’m getting some of my hunger cues back! –, it actually does.


Left to right: Courthouse still under the sun, Bell Rock, and Castle Rock



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