From man-child rants to a purge-like-environment

Sipping my morning hot-mint-tea, while reading the latest news on the Huff Post.  I had some catching up to do on news from this week.  As I continued to scroll down on my phone going through the different articles on politics –Trump’s name, as usual, flooding my screen –, I came across an article by Marina Fang, a reporter for the Huff Post.

In her article “Fox news defends Trump’s ‘shithole’ comments As just the way normal people talk”, she discusses the stand that Fox News–Trump’s news-media-of choice –takes on his hateful and ignorant comment. There is no other way to refer to his comment on immigrants coming in from Haiti, African nations, or Hispanic countries. It was interesting to note, however, that on the website for Fox News, there is hardly any news on Trump –definitely not as many as other news media –.

I, of course, read about his crudely racist comment on Wednesday morning, after my boyfriend brought my attention to it.  I didn’t really think of reacting/responding to his comment –to me just as vulgar as saying ‘grab them by the p***’ –. And definitely racist, despite the reluctance of people, and other news media, to use that word.

Did his comment bother me? As a Hispanic immigrant myself, yes it did. But I figured “a palabras necias, oídos sordos”, basically ignoring negative words.  This article in particular, and many others just like it, did worry me –for lack of a better word –.

It’s one thing to read about Trump saying nasty things –sadly I’ve come to expect it – but to read about his revolting behavior being justified, well that just irked me.

As I read Fang’s article, and how ‘Fox & friends’ defended Trump’s ‘shit-hole countries’ comment, brushing it off as a ‘private opinion’, and even denying he said it, I couldn’t help but think of the danger it may represent.

What could be dangerous about a man-child throwing tantrums, and letting his mouth run uncontrollably?

One would think nothing really. Just let him go at it. Which is what has been happening. Nuclear threats, vulgar denigration towards women, racist comments towards the population that makes up this country: immigrants.

People who disagree with him just ignore his behavior –myself included –. Some may laugh at his remarks. Others may be embarrassed by him. His supporters, on the other hand, feel encouraged by him and are enjoying his time in the white house.

As time goes on, we keep thinking nothing of it, it’s just his behavior. He has no power really. Just a nauseating mind, ill and immature comportment.

This may be true, to a certain point. Personally, I see no danger in Trump himself, but the danger resides in the people he unites. Those who feel encouraged and rightfully represented by him.

That’s the scary part to me. I’ve lived in the U.S. for 14 years. I’ve been very blessed to not live, or experience hate-fueled discrimination. At most I’ve been treated differently once people hear my accent. But, once again, you learn to not take shit personal and you just brush it off. You learn to understand that ignorance plays a huge roll in such behavior, so you forgive the less cultured minds and keep on with your life.

Now, a man-child can’t really do much besides embarrass us and degrade us. And it has been explained by different sources that he has no control of nuclear bombs so he couldn’t fire a missile even by mistake –thank God –.

But who stops those outside the white house?

The danger is outside those white walls that claim fairness and wellbeing for us all.

Hate crimes increasing –especially by those who enforce the law –, raids by ICE become more and more prominent. And they are expected to occur more often throughout the country. As many news media published this past Wednesday.  Yes, I know the raids were targeted toward management, or so they claim, but the intention behind it is to scare and corner illegal immigrants.

Immigrants, illegal or not, are used as a distraction. A way to unite the Trump supporter masses. He gives them a common cause, and they eat it like candy. Not once stopping to think what their actions say about them. I should, perhaps, add that I’m not justifying illegal immigration. I do, however, understand it.
Unfortunately, being a legal immigrant doesn’t exempt you from ill-treatment. You are still perceived as the other. They are usually identified with a negative connotation that has nothing to do with them, or their believes. I know many legal immigrants that practice Islam, and other religions that to ignorant minds, seem to be the same. As a result of such ignorance, and now encouraged behavior, those immigrants get labeled as terrorists.  In an extent to that, they are subject to, and easy targets for hate crimes.
And just to add to the fire, what about actual U.S. citizens that happen to be of a different skin color? Sadly, they become as big a target as us, immigrants.

Yes, we are immigrants. We left our countries of origin and came and inhabited the U.S.

Why did we immigrate? Well, we were all sold on the ‘land of opportunities’ idea that is promoted to U.S. citizens and immigrants alike. I dislike using the term ‘American’, the U.S. is just one country out of the entire American continent. In truth, we are all Americans. We just come from different parts of the continent.

We come here to be free, to get ahead in life. To grow as professionals, as humans of good. To make a home in ‘the land of the brave’. We come with good intentions. We want to be part of the melting pot. Yes, there are some immigrants that turn out to be dark and negative, but that’s part of the human race. We all have good and bad within. Most of us do our best to lean toward the good part.

We come to this country to escape bad conditions, political corruption, crime rates. Conditions that, to an extent, could be seen as a justification for Trump’s racist comment. We know we come from ‘shit-hole countries’, president dearest.
But that’s exactly it. We come here because it’s supposed to be ‘better’. Because there is less corruption and more opportunities for all.
Not that you would understand. What the fuck do you know about not being able to feed your family while having a full-time job? What the fuck do you know about making the decision of uprooting your entire life, in hopes of a better one? What the fuck do you know about being from a ‘shit-hole country’? You know absolutely nothing, Trump.

Quite sadly, Mr. Trump, you are slowly revoking those desirable qualities from this melting pot. With your horrid and uncontrolled language, your puny-uncultured-chauvinistic-racist-mind, you are tainting this country. And promoting the same behavior in your like-minded followers.

It would be no surprise to me, if ‘making America great again’ means a Purge-like environment. Where those of us who are different get persecuted. Whether it’s the color of our skin, our sexual orientation, the believes we hold, or the way we speak. We’ll be round up and cornered once a year –if not more–, for the delight of the sick minds of the rich, or the hate-filled masses.

That’s the danger I see in letting the man-child that represents this country continue with his rants and ignorantly racist comments.

As a proud Hispanic-US citizen I say –with all due respect –f *** you, Mr. Trump. F*** you, and what you stand for.

I refuse to say that you represent most of us. The good and kind citizens of this country that prove you are wrong.

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