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Is it just me, or has being-an-adult always been difficult?  Over almost four months ago, I turned 30 –I’m still trying to get used to seeing that big number – and one would think that by this age you would have things figured out. Well I definitely do not. I am still learning how to cook, I’m trying to find the balance between my writing, keeping the house clean, doing laundry, working-out, being a good dog-mom, etc.  I am learning to just fall-in-love with the process of my journey, laughing along the way.

I have become more a-social than before, who would have thought that to be possible. I rather limit my human interaction to a handful of people.  Besides my family, my boyfriend, and a few close friends, I mainly spend time with my dog. But other than that, I have a lot more time than I am used to having.  The school workload kept me rather busy during my years as a student, and I’m positive it contributed toward this limited-human-contact-phase I have entered. Nowadays, however, that assignment-free-time is better occupied on things that allow me to grow as a person. Become that adult I’m trying to construct –every day I get just that much closer–. I find myself trying to balance my time with a routine I am trying to envision for myself. It’s a different lifestyle, that of a non-student. No dead-lines, or stressful expectations of keeping up with the scholarly pace. It’s a sweet feeling.

As a free-lance writer, with a clientele-dependent-paycheck, it is –at times – difficult to economically cover all expenses.  My income is destined to my rent and other bills. And that’s it.  Not that I need any material stuff, however, sometimes I can’t afford to buy groceries. – One must have millennial humor to keep up a positive view on things – If it weren’t for my parents, I’d probably be the stereotypical freezing/starving writer, curled up in a corner, hiding from the cold blowing in from the window.

For the past two months, my parents have been buying groceries for my brother and me. As a graphic design student, with a minimum wage job, he also struggles with his finances. Oh, the fun adventures of being a millennial!

Thank you to the most selfless, hard working, patient, loving, understanding people I know.  Thank you for still supporting me, even when I am at the start of the third floor, scattered projects, unfinished novels, and no way of helping you guys out. Thank you for being patient and encouraging. For believing in me, when I sometimes fail to do so.  Not that my blogging about the amazing parents you guys are will help in any way. But at least it will remain somewhere in the endless cloud of shared-intangible-information that I am gratefully lucky to be your daughter.

Thank you, gracias, grazie, merçi. Words just aren’t enough. And it will never feel like I can do enough to return all the love, kindness, patience, support, advice, teachings; everything that you guys do for me. I love you both so very much.


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