The city of lights in droplets​

A warm summer breeze accompanies them as they cross the street from their apartment complex. She’s wearing a light grey sporty dress and vans.  He’s wearing dark grey sweatpants, a t-shirt, and sandals.  It’s early in the evening, they find themselves walking down 73rd street in search of frozen yogurt.  They make their way down to Collins and walk down the strip.  Holding hands as they walk past restaurants and clothing stores. They reach their target store.  He lets go of her hand and walks up to the door.  He holds it open for her and squeezes her ass as she walks by. A soft yelp escapes her lips, as the butterflies in her stomach send a tingly sensation that makes its way up and down her spine. She feels her panties get wet. She looks back at him as they make their way into the store, she knows that lascivious look in his deep hazel eyes.

Mint-chocolate-chip and tart yogurt are his main choices. She has a sweet tooth and goes for dulce de leche, cookies and cream, and pistachio.

“Thank you, have a nice day!”

The couple chooses a small square table outside the store, they sit across from each other. Butterflies at full force make her giggle whenever she looks up from underneath her thick eyelashes.  He enjoys her laughter, an aphrodisiac to his ears and an impulse of blood down below.  They talk about the weather, politics, Spirit, net neutrality. They are ready to go back home.

They walk down Collins, onto 69thstreet, and walk towards Abbott Avenue. He twirls her and smacks her ass, as he pulls her back into his arms. The streets are empty as the evening grows darker. He can’t wait to have her back on his bed. She clings onto his neck, on her tip-toes. Waiting for that butterflies-filled-gut-wrenching-kiss. His full lips are heaven when she softly nibbles down on them. They hold hands as they make their way down to 73rdstreet, laughing and talking; a genuine connection between two souls.

They make their way down to Dickens Avenue as the rain starts to fall. In a hurry, they run into the apartment complex.  A little wet and quite excited they enter the elevator.

He gets lost in her big-dreamy-green-eyes. Her hair is wet from the rain, her dark curls become more prominent and delineate her face. A few water droplets make their way down her left cheek, and down to her soft neck. He takes a deep breath, taking in her sweet smell and kisses her hand. She squirms in her place as his lips touch her skin. She holds her breath. She lets herself be consumed by the desire of him.

The sexual energy is palpable in the elevator. Ding. The doors slide open at the 16thfloor. She smiles warmly and licks her lips. She can’t wait to release the visible bulge in his pants. They make their way down to 13B.

The keys turn. He pushes the door open, letting her by first, and lifts up her dress. The curve of her ass invites him to squeeze it; he hooks his finger into her panties, sliding it along her lips, and lets her go. She gasps and walks into the apartment; her heart loudly beating in her ears. He closes the door behind him, throws the keys on to the round-dark-wooden table to the right and makes his way to her.  She’s standing in the middle of the living room, the glossy-white-tiles give-off a soft glimmer in the dark apartment. The only light comes in from the large windows that lead into the balcony. He reaches her and takes his shirt off, throwing it on the ground behind him.  She’s mesmerized by his presence. She delineates his abs with her hand, and makes her way to his v-cut. She plays along the waistband, excited to put her hands down his pants and grab him.  He stops her. He grabs both of her hands and holds them above her head with one if his hand. He twirls her around at the waist with his other hand. He feels the curves of her body, the warmth of her soft skin. He feels himself engorged. He starts to kiss her left earlobe as he guides her to the window ledge; removing her dress. He throws it on the floor. He has her in his arms, holding her hips and leaning over her as she’s pressed against the cold window. Her nipples are visible through her white cotton bra. Her matching panties are wet with excitement, her body shivering with anticipation.  He starts to lick, nibble, and suck his way down her body.  Her hands on the window ledge, her chest pressed against the window, and her legs apart. She squirms and moans as his hands caress her. He holds her breasts and pinches her nipples. His left hand traces her waist and grabs onto her hip, as he presses his body to her back and pulls her long black hair with his right hand.  His devil tongue licks and tastes her. It makes its way from her earlobe, down her neck, along her collarbone, to her shoulder. He bites down on her shoulder and continues to lick and suck, making his way down her back.  He stops at the lace of her panties and bites her butt-cheek. He hooks his left index finger at the bottom of her panties, feeling her warmth soaking her up; she’s ready for him. But he decides to make her wait. Deliberately slowly, he pulls her panties down. He enjoys her anticipation shivers, while she gasps and moans. He turns her around and dives into the sweet-warm-wetness between her legs. A loud gasp escapes her mouth, as his tongue explores her entirely; drinking her, his hands grabbing and squeezing her ass.

She pulls him up, she can’t wait any longer. She steps out of her panties; feeling her wetness sliding down her legs.  She pulls him to her and puts his back against the window.  With eager fingers, she pulls his sweatpants and boxers down.  And out he springs, thick, hot and veiny. Her mouth waters. She slowly starts to lick him up and down his shaft, saving the hot tip for last. Her hands hold his balls. She slurps her way to the tip and licks the drop of warm excitement on his head. Her mouth waters as she wraps her lips around the head and fills her mouth with him. Up and down, slurping, sucking, licking. The warmth of his shaft and veiny edges make her wet. She can’t wait to feel him inside of her.  Neither can’t he.

He grabs her by her hair and gently guides her up. She leaves him throbbing, he feels her dripping wet. He grabs her by her waist and leads her to the couch.

She’s on her back, beautiful, trusting, wet and horny for him. She grabs on to his back as he climbs on top of her, making his way between her legs.  His warm throbbing head teases her clit, sliding up and down, enjoying her wetness. He teases her lips and opens her up with his tongue, a deep kiss before he buries himself inside of her.  His thick head starts to slowly enter her, her soft gasp makes him grunt and pushes through. She gasps and yelps with pleasure, as she feels him stretch and fills her up. They are home, lost in the universe of their souls.

In the distance, a clear dark sky holds the enchanting stars with their silent glimmer.  Along the horizon of the seashore the colorful city, buildings, and skyscrapers are the silent shimmering lights through the droplets on the window; unknowingly witnessing a passionate-fiery-love.

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An incurable passion for writing; a poet and storyteller​ at heart. I am a writer on the road.

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